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Who is Nick Christenson?

My education was in the sciences. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from St. Olaf College. For my career, I worked in information technology, deploying many innovative hardware and software solutions to solve cutting-edge problems with a keen understanding for how to adapt technology to solve real world business problems.

I first moved to Summerlin in 2003 and have watched the community grow and prosper into one of the foremost places to live in the United States. I remember the days when Summerlin Parkway was called the "Road To Nowhere", and I know that if we're responsible stewards, our community's best days are definitely still ahead of us.

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Land Use

Las Vegas and Reno are the fastest warming cities in the United States. This is partly due to climate change, but the way we're growing, relentlessly sprawling into the desert adding acres of land to our heat island, also plays a large part. We need smart growth, filling in the open spaces already within the city's boundaries, and growing vertically rather than horizontally.


The water levels in Lake Mead have been dropping precipitously in recent years, and we are now officially in a tier two shortage. We can still grow our population and economy on a fixed water budget, but we can't do so by continuing business as usual.

Air Quality

The American Lung Association has rated Las Vegas' air quality as 9th worst in the nation with transportation as the leading cause. We need cleaner transportation and better mass transit.

Health Care

We need health care that is focused on the relationship between patients and doctors, not primarily as a way to profit off of working families. Las Vegas needs to attract more doctors, especially in-demand specialists, and retain those doctors that we do have. We also need to ensure that a woman's right to choose is not infringed.


Rents have been skyrocketing, and the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the valley has now passed $1600. At the same time, short term rentals are both contributing to rising rents and often cause more than headaches for families who live next door to these properties.


For decades Las Vegas has struggled to find enough qualified teachers to staff its classrooms. This has now reached unprecidented levels with nearly 1500 teacher vacancies entering the current school year. We need to get creative about ways to attract and retain high quality teachers to the Clark County School District.


People have been talking about diversifying the Las Vegas economy for decades, but we're still a long way from where we ought to be. With its abundant sunlight Las Vegas should be a center for renewable energy and electrification, providing many good, high-paying jobs and energizing the broader valley economy.


A distressing number of people running for office in Nevada as well as in other states are doing so under a platform that opposes the basic functioning of democracy, lying about the fairness of our elections and actively endorsing the idea that elected officials should disregard the lawful majority votes of their citizens. This sort of discourse is abhorrent, dangerous, and downright un-American, and everyone who supports the values that our country stands for should oppose those who seek to subvert them.


I am proud of the organizations that have given me distinctions or chosen to endorse my candidacy.

National Organization of Women logo Gun Sense Distinction from Mom's Demand Action Sierra Club logo PLAN Action logo A+ from NV Democratic Education Caucus Progressive Turnout Project Nevada Faculty Alliance

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